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How we help you with your online marketing...

Digital Marketing & Measurement Plan

Together we'll determine your business objectives, goals, KPI's and KPI targets to create your Plan.

Identify Where Your Site is Leaking Money

We perform research and data collection protocols to better understand your prospects behaviour.

Attract Qualified Leads

We target more of your ideal prospects whilst they search online for your products and services.

Convert More Leads into Sales

Our data-driven conversion process identifies treatments, sales message and site structure improvements to boost conversions.

4 Ways We Grow Your Online Profits

Conversion Optimisation

Our conversion optimisation process will increase conversions and grow your revenue per visitor.

Landing Page Optimization

Generate up to 3x more enquiries with an optimised landing page. An optimised landing page has the power ...

Conversion Research

Do you need your website to be doing better but don’t know how or where to start? ‘Gut-feel’ and ...

Google Adwords Management

Have you used Google AdWords in the past but didn’t get results? Or perhaps you are currently getting ...

Conversion Optimisation

Our conversion optimisation process will increase conversions and grow your revenue per visitor. We use a scientific marketing approach to achieve outstanding ROI’s month after month.

How we increase your revenue:

Your website is losing money and you’re probably blind to where your biggest opportunities exist.  ­

  • We identify where your website is leaking money and where your biggest gains reside.
  • We mine many sources of data to give us insights about your customers and your market. Insights turn into hypotheses for treatments.
  • We run scientific testing protocols, and iterate until we figure out which optimised treatments work for your site.

What our conversion optimisation process includes:

Almost all website analytics are configured incorrectly or broken. In order to track your marketing performance and measure success, we make sure Google Analytics is set up right and everything that needs to be tracked, is being tracked correctly.

Research goals start with learning who your audience are, what they want, why they consume and how they do it. We also want to understand your current website, learn what’s going on, where the leaks are, what the friction points are, and how visitors are currently interacting with your site.
In order to extensively understand all we can about your business, we carry out the following research protocols:

  • Heuristic analysis of your website helps identify potential areas for optimisation
  • We analyse all the data to better understand the current situation with your website
  • Mouse tracking analysis to track the movements of visitor cursors, clicks and scrolling actions on pages to see where visitor are focused and not focused on your website.
  • We use recording technology to analyse how your visitors interact with your website during user-sessions
    Customer surveys; to understand customer decision buying criteria.
  • On-site surveys and exit surveys are used on pages to determine further insights about why people didn’t take action
  • Customer service representative interviews and live chat transcripts analysis
  • If needed, customer phone interviews
  • User-testing: We hire people who fit your ideal customer profile, to use your site, discovering any friction points and to see what is currently working well.
  • Analysis of the competition to see how you compare and understand the full extent of your prospects choices
  • Full analysis of your sales funnels to identify the functions currently used to drive sales. What lead magnets if any are used? How is the email content? The effectiveness of your advertising messages, one-time offers and call to actions.
  • Looking at areas in which to improve Cart abandonment analysis

By the time we’re done with our data collection, we can accurately profile your customers and have a good understanding of how they use your website.

We identify solutions for each of the problems we identified, based upon the data collected during our research gathering. We devise a number of treatment hypotheses for each key website page. We rank and prioritise each hypothesis based upon the importance of the page, the potential uplift, and the ease of implementation.

Our treatments are eventually turned into design screens that we’ll use in testing protocols to see if they will outperform the original control.

We use a scientific method for evaluating whether treatment methods are successful. The method is known as A/B testing. Every test that we run is designed based on our data-backed hypotheses.

Testing is a crucial part of conversion optimisation. It’s the only way to validate a hypothesis, and to know what’s really working. Until something is tested, it’s just a guess. It’s therefore important to measure the impact of these changes.

With A/B split testing, 50% of website traffic is directed to the original page. The other 50% of traffic is sent to the variation page which includes the treatment hypothesis. If the variation page outperforms the original page, it replaces the original page. In each test we isolate the test variable and measure its impact on the conversion objective.

We aim for 95% statistical significance. Our testing strategies aim to maximise your traffic and move you forward in the conversion process as fast as possible, but we never compromise the testing protocol nor jeopardise the quality of the data. A/B split testing is reliant on traffic, if the traffic volume is low, split testing will take much longer to get the results.

Testing is an iterative process. With each test we learn something new about your customers and what keeps them moving forward through your website. We run as many tests as we can to tackle the growth opportunities that we’ve identified, and to keep learning about the audience and what has the biggest impact on them. During the A/B split testing process, we continue to collate both quantitative and qualitative data to gain valuable insights about your audience. This approach is how we get new data that will help us further improve our hypotheses and ultimately increase revenue, sign ups or any other key metrics.

This is why the conversion optimisation process is a continual feedback loop of research, treatment hypothesis and testing to obtain optimum performance from your website.

Our Programme Starts With a 4 Month Conversion Research and Booster Package

We start with an initial conversion research period which usually takes around 4 weeks. Followed by 3 months of A/B testing. Our process begins with a thorough investigation, we using a thorough qualitative and quantitative research programme. This provides the insights that formulate our treatment hypotheses. Which in turn are used during the A/B testing. While we would love to claim every treatment hypothesis we make results in incredible results for our clients, the truth is it is extremely rare to achieve breakthrough results with a single test. Which is why the best results are achieved when an iterative process is used.

Throughout this period we work closely with you and become an extension of, your team. You will have a dedicated conversion analyst working on your site. Your single point of contact will be with our principal conversion analyst, so you’re always talking to an expert – no sales people, no project managers.

During the initial 3 month period, our conversion optimisation process is executed via a flat monthly fee and we’ll continue month to month until the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

About You

We work with companies of all sizes, but our continuous conversion optimisation is best matched with established businesses who have a monthly revenue higher than $50,000

Ideal fit: over $1 million in annual online profits

Landing Page Optimisation

Convert up to 3x More Website Visitors With An Optimised Landing Page

An optimised landing page has the power to take your business to a new level. But it’s so important that you get it right.

Once we’re done with your landing page, you will:

  • Have more interested prospects in your sales funnel
  • Literally double and triple your advertising results
  • Get major increases in your revenue

When prospects arrive on your website you either want them to become a sales lead or a customer. Yet most businesses don't have a strategy to achieve this. The goal of an optimised landing page is to get as many conversions from your traffic sources.

Our aim is to maximise your conversions by creating a high converting landing page. When you work with us, you’re getting a conversion optimisation expert that becomes an extension of your team. We incorporate our conversion optimisation protocols to enhance the performance and effectiveness of your landing page.

Each landing page we create is done using the very best conversion optimisation, usability research and sales persuasion know-how.

Our approach to designing landing pages is scientific. We use research methods to learn about your market and customers. It’s not just about designing a landing page to simply look good. There’s so much more to convincing people to take action. Every word in the copywriting, every image and the design of the landing page is purposely planned, analysed and tested to get better outcomes.

These days you can use landing page development software. And if you’re looking for a low cost option, then that’s the way to go.

But if you need results, here’s what you should know about landing pages:
It’s not how the landing page looks that get’s you the results. No software is going to make your landing page convert better.

You need someone who knows how to make landing pages. You need someone to organise effective research, to collate and analyse the data, create effective test protocols, build and tweak the page and work on the persuasive elements of the sales copy. That is what makes a landing page convert.

When you work with us, it is hassle free. No need for you to figure out how to get your landing page to work, or worse still, why it isn’t converting. We’ll save you many tens of hours. Every landing page we build is the result of an effective and proven process. We go through phases of planning, research and some of the best conversion optimisation techniques.

At Built to Convert, we’ve spent much time and energy finding the right methodology. Time is money and no business can afford to waste months upon months on marketing that doesn’t work. We know what to do and in which order to do it. Knowing what data to collect and how to interpret it is just as important (or more so) than writing the sales copy. And of course, the execution is crucial. Our high-converting landing pages are created by:

  • Diligent research of customers and creating buyer personas
  • Creating a powerful marketing message that will resonate with those buying personas
  • Relentlessly studying the offer, sales message and drivers that make people take action
  • Crafting compelling sales copy for the landing page
  • Designing wireframes for the landing page
  • Designing a beautiful user interface
  • Eliminate any friction, anxiety, noise or distractions that could be an obstacle to taking action
  • Include psychological triggers of influence such as urgency, social proof or scarcity where applicable
  • Integrate our testing protocols for ongoing optimisation purposes to ensure and ongoing growth in results

Our landing page optimisation service is not for every business. It’s best suited to those active in customer or lead acquisition and who are looking to grow fast.

If you’re ready to take the next step and get the results you want, get a quote by submitting an enquiry form below.

Conversion Research

Do you need your website to be doing better but don’t know how or where to start? ‘Gut-feel’ and ‘reactive decisions’ will achieve moderate results at best.

To get real, juicy uplifts in conversions and to make better informed decisions about your marketing, you need data. Data that will give you answers to the following questions:

  • Why Prospects Buy

    Why are prospects buying the type of products and services you sell?

  • Your Prospects' Fears

    What are your prospects biggest fears, doubts and hesitations?

  • Why People Visit

    Why are people visiting your website but not buying from you?

  • Sales Bottlenecks

    Which steps in your sales funnel are causing people to lose interest?

  • Friction

    Where on your website causes the most friction?

  • Sales Limits

    Why do customers not buy more from you or come back for repeat purchases?

  • Missing Information

    What would people like to know, but can’t find on your site?

  • Costly Mistakes

    Which mistakes are costing you and how do you identify them?

We can help you find the answers to these questions.

Our conversion research package are designed to specifically understand
how to make better informed, data driven marketing decisions.

What You Get With Our Conversion Research Package:

Here we learn about your business, we initiate all the necessary data collection, then get to work on analysing the data. After reviewing all of the analysis, we’ll compile our findings in an actionable, written report explaining our key insights about your customers and your website.

We include specific and actionable suggestions for you to make on your website. It will give you general feedback and also specific feedback for each page.

We check that everything is being tracked properly and that your analytics is configured correctly.

We conduct an experience-based assessment of your website. We assess each page, looking for the common inhibitors of conversion. We’ll check our findings and compare them against the qualitative and quantitative data that we collect, which will either validate or disprove them.

We’ll run a speed check on your key pages, and identify any cross-device or cross-browser issues that might slow down or hinder the performance of the site.

Quantitative research is about analysing data that we can quantify. In conversion optimisation we use to understand:

  • How the website is performing? Number of phone calls, web form completions and other KPIs.
  • How are individual pages performing?
  • Where the site is leaking money? What is preventing more conversions? And why? If we can understand this, we can make the successful changes to improve it.
  • What are people doing on your site? Which links are clicked on and which aren’t?
  • How different segments (new visitors vs returning visitors, different traffic sources (SEO, paid, Social), browsers and devices are behaving differently?

Data alone doesn’t tell us what the problems are. The key is knowing how to interpret the data. It provides us with clues, which then equip us to better pinpoint the problems or delve deeper into the underlying issues. This data is found using the following tools:

A) Web Analytics Analysis
It’s absolutely essential to perform a full analysis of the digital analytics to fully know what’s going on on your website, where money is lost, what people are doing (or not doing) and which behaviours result in improved conversion rates. All of this can be found on Google analytics.

B) Mouse Tracking Data Analysis and User Session Video Recording
This is indepth analysis of your website visitors, tracking mouse cursor movements, clicks and scroll depth on each of your pages to identify what on the page gets their attention and what doesn’t. We watch hours of user-session replay videos to learn how actual visitors are interacting with your website. All of which provide useful insights.

We want to understand how your product or service is perceived by actual users. The goal with qualitative research is to gather the voice of your customers and prospects which can be used to create marketing; including a better message, sales copy, content structure and value propositions.

We recruit people who match your ideal customer profile, to participate in website user testing. We observe them as they interact with your website and voice their thought process out loud. The goal is to identify what the friction points are on your current site, and see what’s actually working.

What Next…

Once we complete the conversion research, we’ll share our findings via a written report and you will understand what is needed to improve your website's performance.

What follows is up to you. You can take the advice and implement it yourself. Or if you need help with the execution, we can help. We can start a full conversion optimisation programme on your site by turning the conversion research into treatments, and run a series of tests on your site. We can also use our findings to create high-converting landing pages for an advertising campaign.


Google Adwords Management

If you want to grow profits through your online channel, and you understand that data, not guesswork, is what gets best results, then Built to Convert can help.

Our Adwords service is about making more Profits. Anyone can setup a Google Adwords campaign and get you clicks. But clicks does not equate to profits. We work to get more than just ‘clicks’ from your ads, by increasing the average value of each visitor.

The Two Primary Success Metrics:

As your AdWords manager, we focus on two primary metrics:

1. Increase Conversions
2. Reduce Cost-Per-Acquisition

Most campaigns are losing money because they are managed just to get more clicks. By increasing conversions and reducing the cost-per-acquisition, we not only increase the number of people to your website, but get more of them doing what you want them to do. Whether that’s buying more products or subscribing to become a lead. We achieve this by relentlessly focusing on these two core metrics. 

Testing, Refining and Optimising

The only way to improve the performance of a Google Adwords campaign is by consistently testing, refining and optimising. This keeps you ahead of your competition and relevant with your prospects.

To do this you must use data to make crucial decisions. We use Google Analytics extensively to filter the most important data about your campaign and give us what we need to optimise results.

Each month we’ll send you a report which will provide valuable insights on your visitors and how they interact with your site.

Claim a Free PPC Audit

A PPC Audit is essential before starting any pay-per-click campaign. A PPC audit helps to review Google Adwords account and identify areas that need improvement, compare with other advertisers, discover what’s wrong with the account, what can be done to improve it, and what results can be expected if correct changes are made.

We are offering a free PPC audit which offers you an overview of some of the key metrics of your Adwords campaign:

Wasted Spend - The wasted spend reviews the application of negative keywords. These are essential for keeping AdWords costs low. You could be wasting a huge percentage of your ad spend each month on irrelevant and poor converting keywords.

Quality Score – Quality Score is the algorithm used by Google, Yahoo, and Bing that can influence both the rank position and the cost per click of ads. By improving your quality score your rankings improve and you lower your costs.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) - is a measure of how targeted your ads are. When CTR is low, it means fewer people are clicking on your ad and you are losing clicks to competitors.

Bid Optimisation – We can tell you whether your bids are optimised to appear on the first page and even on the first position.

Landing Page Optimisation - In order to increase conversions you must have a relevant and compelling landing page for your ads. We will review your landing pages.

A Scientific Approach to Consistent Monthly Profits

We start by identifying where you are with your marketing and where you want it to be. We dig deep, reviewing your website, the data, then ensuring your adwords and google analytics accounts are setup correctly.

We build a strategy plan based on the data we collected. We get clear on your business objectives, goals, key performance indicators, key segments and targets. This is refined and updated as we collect more data.

We identify the most profitable keywords and search terms, whilst eliminating terms that are limiting your profits. We analyse your competitors and look at your industry for text and image ads.

We structure your campaign for optimum performance. We utilise campaign types that best generate profits. Your ads are created, along with extensions, bidding strategies, geo targeting, display and remarketing are all covered.

We use scientific testing methods to evaluate what’s successful. Continuous testing, data collection and analysis is the only way to to ensure the campaign performance grows and profitability is maximised.

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